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Datasets are grouped by theme: 

  • Circumpolar permafrost extent

    Permafrost is defined through the thermal state of the ground, which makes remote detection a difficult task. In order to map circumpolar permafrost extent, we employed a numerical permafrost models to exploit the information content of different remote sensing products to estimate the ground thermal state. Northern Hemishpere as well as Southern Hemisphere are covered .  WebGIS view - Arctic and Antarctic; Catalogue; PANGAEA download

  • Permafrost dedicated land cover class prototypes

    Land cover serves as information on upscaling of inherent ecosystem characteristics in permafrost regions. With respect to user requirements (including permafrost modelling, flux and soil carbon upscaling), we onsidered approaches for characterization of land cover using synthetic aperture radar (SAR) as well as optical instruments, specifically Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2. Products include vegetation height and landcover for Western Siberia. WebGIS view; Catalogue; PANGAEA download

  • Transects for identification of hotspot regions of permafrost change (HRPC) 

    Observations made at high spatial and temporal resolution are essential in order to track HRPC. Four continuous transects that represent all major permafrost types have been targeted (WebGIS view; Catalogue; PANGAEA download).  The two main goals were: (1) to detect, map, and classify press (gradual) and pulse (rapid) disturbances of land surface properties associated with permafrost changes to identify HRPC at high spatial resolution (30 m) using the full Landsat record spanning the panarctic permafrost domain, and (2) use auxiliary data from other remote sensing platforms and products to analyse the identified disturbances, trends, and HRPC with additional information layers.

  • Mountain permafrost areas

    The best visual expression of mountain permafrost is represented by rockglaciers, which, in contrast to the permafrost itself, can be mapped and monitored directly using remotely sensed data. Rockglaciers are lavastream-like mixtures of permanently frozen debris that creep downslope under gravity. To date, the movement of rockglaciers is not monitored in a systematic way worldwide. Covered areas include sites in the Andean mountains, Alps, Tien Shan and Brooks Range, Alaska.  Catalogue