• Example InSAR subsidence source: Gamma Remote Sensing
  • Example WebGIS host: AWI
  • GlobPermafrost Ground Temperature Source: University Oslo
  • GlobPermafrost Permafrost probability Source: University Oslo

The project
The European Space Agency launched the GlobPermafrost initiative (2016-2019) to develop, validate and implement information products to support the research communities and related international organisations like IPA and CliC in their work on understanding permafrost better by integration of Earth Observation data. The GlobPermafrost project was a follow up to the DUE Permafrost project.

Further developments
regarding permafrost modelling and rock glacier kinematics are made within the ESA CCI+ Permafrost project (2018-2021).

ESA Feature story on project results:
Satellites yield insight into not so permanent permafrost

Data access details:

Example use cases of the ground temperature results: